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DIGM 222

3D Rigging

15 weeks

3 credits

In Person/Hyflex

Students will build a standard bipedal skeleton with properly aligned rotation axes character rig. Students will construct a Full Body IK control rigging and skin for the model. The character setup and rigging techniques will include kinematics and inverse kinematics, and deformers. Expressions will be used to animate particles.

Autodesk Maya is free for students.  Get more information about Autodesk student licensing here.

This course has one prerequisite: DIGM: 3D Lighting and Rendering.

Instructors include:

  • Professor Claire Smuga

Instructional formats:

  • In Person courses will meet on the Lincroft, NJ campus of Brookdale Community College.  Additional course materials will be supplied via Canvas, Brookdale's online Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Remote Live courses will meet via Zoom and Canvas.  Students do not have to come to Lincroft, NJ.

  • Fully Online courses have no class meetings.  All materials will be supplied via Canvas.  Students will be able to meet with their instructors during scheduled office hours or by appointment via email.

  • Hyflex courses allow students to be either In Person or Remote.  This can only be done with the permission of the course instructor.

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