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DIGM 116

Photoshop & Storyboarding

15 weeks

3 credits

In Person/Remote Live

This course introduces students to fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of digital imaging for animation, game development and 3D Design. Students will manipulate digital images for animation and design applications. Students will use visual storytelling concepts to produce storyboards and an animatic. Students will use Photoshop software and storyboarding software to complete their projects.

This course has no prerequisites.

Instructors include:

  • Professor Lauren Rabinowitz

  • Professor Ceaphas Stubbs

Instructional formats:

  • In Person courses will meet on the Lincroft, NJ campus of Brookdale Community College.  Additional course materials will be supplied via Canvas, Brookdale's online Learning Management System (LMS).

  • Remote Live courses will meet via Zoom and Canvas.  Students do not have to come to Lincroft, NJ.

  • Fully Online courses have no class meetings.  All materials will be supplied via Canvas.  Students will be able to meet with their instructors during scheduled office hours or by appointment via email.

  • Hyflex courses allow students to be either In Person or Remote.  This can only be done with the permission of the course instructor.

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