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Brookdale Community College

Animation and Game Design

Brookdale Community College offers degree programs for beginners and those seeking more hands-on experience with digital animation and game design.  We offer top-notch facilities, industry-standard software, and a friendly, active learning environment. 

This website will allow you to explore our course offerings, view our student work, and participate in public events.


Digital Animation

AAS degree

Whether you want to learn rendering, modeling, storyboarding, editing, or electronic game design, our degree programs will provide you with first-class training and skills, and valuable experience in the world of digital animation.

Our talented faculty and professional-grade facilities – including a comprehensive creative studio and industry-standard software – will prepare you for a job you love as a digital animation professional or electronic game designer.

Brookdale Digital Animation students also receive free online and in-person tutoring, may apply for dedicated grants and scholarships, join exclusive campus clubs, and much more.


Game Design

AAS degree

Which electronic game are you playing now? If you enjoy playing, you might enjoy creating even more. Each game you play began as someone’s idea. Combined with knowledge and grit, that idea came to life as a game you’ve enjoyed.

Students in the Game Design program, create and develop games by working with ideas and sculpting graphical assets.  The successful student will work with storyboards; will then create player avatars, scenes, non-player characters and entire worlds that taken together make an engaging interactive experience.

Graduates of this program will have the beginnings of a portfolio demonstrating their qualifications for employment in many challenging areas, doing work they will come to love. Firms in engineering, medicine, education, entertainment and many other industries require people with these qualifications.


Get to know our spaces

View the facilities

Digital Animation and Game Design are housed in the CVA building on the Lincroft campus.  We feature two studio, one focusing on 2D studies and the other on 3D, although the same software is accessible in both.  All computers are PCs with dual monitors. Wacom tablets are available at each station.

We also have a green screen room and a small 3D printing area.

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