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First Week of School

Classes started on Thursday. Naturally, this is one of the hardest weeks for everyone! We're all getting used to our new schedules. Professors are developing sore throats and losing their voices.

Students are acclimating to the amount of work their classes are going to generate. This will probably increase in the SECOND week of school. Some professors make things easy in the first week to let students ease into the semester. Not all professors! Some like to give students a pile of homework the first week -- like getting used to school the way you acclimate to water by jumping into a frozen pool.

For me, the first week is a big adjustment. This is when I deal with student life questions that I've never heard before. We're starting to see students who have aged into college without much experience with desktop computers -- and some who are only used to tablets. As teachers, we need to be able to adjust to this.

The course material doesn't change -- we're teaching digital imaging. That needs a lot of computing power.

So what changes? We're going to build a friendly environment for these students to acclimate to a more intense digital platform.

Stephanie is going to be running a workshop on computing basics. We'll do what we can to ensure that students are up to speed.

Anyway, it's Sunday, it's raining, and I'm rambling. Please enjoy this frog with a tail who is about to get a sore throat.

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